Chandrsekera Srinath


Professor Srinath Kumara Chandrasekera


Current Institution: Department of Surgery

Faculty of Medical Sciences University of Sri Jayewardenepura

Nugegoda, Sri Lanka

Current Designation: Professor in Surgery, Consultant Urological Surgeon

Email Address:

Academic Appointments and positions of responsibility:

Professor in Surgery Faculty of Medical Sciences, University of Sri Jayewardenepura, Nugegoda Sri Lanka (2009).

Honorary Secretary, Board of Study in Surgery Postgraduate Institute of Medicine Sri Lanka (2007 to date).

Honorary Secretary Sri Lanka Association of Urological Surgeons (2008-2009).

Council Member Sri Lanka Association of Urological Surgeons (2006 to date).

Honorary Secretary College of Surgeons of Sri Lanka (2007).

Council Member, College of Surgeons of Sri Lanka (2006-2011, 2014 and 2015).

Honorary Secretary Specialty Board in Urology Postgraduate Institute of Medicine Sri Lanka (2008-2011).

Examiner in MD Selection Examination in Surgery Postgraduate Institute of Medicine.

Examiner in MD Part 2 Examination in Surgery Postgraduate Institute of Medicine 2012 to date Sri Lanka (2007-2012).

Examiner in the Intercollegiate Membership Examination (MRCS) Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh UK.

Member of the Guidelines Panel for LUTS.

Health Sector Development Project Funded by the World Bank Ministry of Health Sri Lanka.

Organizer and course instructor of the Initiative for Hands On Training in PCNL for UK/European Trainees (2010-2015).

On-going Research/Audit projects:

  1. Ejaculation preserving prostatectomy-multicenter study
  2. Preservation of fertility in ejaculation preserving TURP
  3. Estimation of PSA density in Sri Lankan men
  4. Validation of IPSS scoring system to Sinhala
  5. Validation of IIEF-5 Scoring system to Sinhala
  6. Etiology of stag-horn calculi in Sri Lanka
  7. Validation of scoring system for ureteric stent related pain
  8. PCNL in Children

Major Publications

  1. Surgical therapy for symptomatic benign prostatic hyperplasia. Chandrasekera SK, Muir GH, In: The Evidence for Urology. Dawson C, Muir C, Eds. tfm publishing Ltd, Shrewsbury, UK; 12: 97.
  1. Ultrasonography of the genito urinary system-A clinicians view Chandrasekera SK, Muir GH, In Ultrasonography of the urogenital system.Sidhu P, Baxter D, Eds. Thieme Verlag, Stuggart, Germany
  1. National Guidelines on the Management of Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms Chandrasekera S.K., De Zylva T.S.U.,Malalasekera A.P.,Goonawardena S.A.S. Ministry of Health of Sri Lanka Publication 2008.(p 01-24) ISBN 978-955-9093-57-2
  2. Photoselective vaporization of the prostate with the potassium-titanyl-phosphate laser in men with prostates of >100 mL. Rajbabu Krishnamoorthy; Chandrasekera Srinath K; Barber Neil J; Walsh Kilian; Muir Gordon H, BJU international 2007;100(3):593-8; discussion 598.
  1. Basic laparoscopic surgical training: examination of a low-cost alternative. Chandrasekera Srinath K; Donohue John F; Orley David; Barber Neil J; Shah Nimish; Bishai Peter M; Muir Gordon H,European urology 2006;50(6): 1285-90; 1290-1.
  1. KTP Laser Prostatectomy. A Review.Chandrasekera S.K. Muir G.H. Current Opinion in Urology (2005)
  2. Persistent Müllerian duct syndrome with transverse testicular ectopia.
  1. Racial origin is associated with poor awareness of prostate cancer in UK men but can be increased by simple information.Rajbabu K; Chandrasekera S; Zhu G; DeZylva S; Grunfeld E A; Muir G H. Prostate cancer and prostatic diseases 2007;10(3):256-60. Chandrasekera S K; Barber N J; Sheriffdeen A H. Urology 2003;62(6):1120.

Other research relevant to BPH

  1. A study of urinary retention in young adults.Ramanayake.I.T., Sivananthan.S.,Wickramamrachchi., De Silva W.M.M.,Chandrasekera.S.K. Annual Scientific Session of The College of Surgeons of Sri Lanka 2006.
  1. Greenlight laser prostatectomy in Sri Lanka-Beyond TURP? Chandrasekera S.K.,De Zylva T.S.U.,Lamahewage.N.,Ranasinghe.S., Muir.G.H.Free Paper (4.4B) Annual Scientific Session of The College of Surgeons of Sri Lanka 2006.
  1. High power 80W KTP laser vaporisation of the prostate with 1 year followup. Chandrasekera SK, Barber NJ, Walsh K, Thompson PM, Muir GH Greenlight PVP-safety and efficacy in large prostates.Chandrasekera SK, Barber NJ, Walsh K, Thompson PM, Muir GH. American Association of Laser Medicine and Surgery Annual meeting Florida USA. March 2005
  1. GreenLight Laser Vaporization of the Prostate as a daycase? Chandrasekera S K, Barber NJ, Gabriel T, Feuer J, Walsh.Thompson PM,Muir GH. November 2004